Scheduled Shutdown

steam piping distributions

The centralized steam distribution system must be shut down to conduct required maintenance of equipment, including replacing and upgrading key components of the university’s utility system.

Annual outages are planned for dates, typically in May, when the average weekly high temperature is 60° Fahrenheit or more. The dates also coincide with decreased student activity on campus. During an outage there will be no heating and no process steam available in building systems served by campus steam. Faculty, staff and students can assist with steam outage planning by submitting questions or concerns.

For more information, contact Charlie Griesen at or 402-472-8612.

Utility plant employees checking on steam pipes

Annual Steam Outage Dates


City Campus: May 19th - May 25th

East Campus: June 2nd - June 8th

2025 (Projected)

City Campus: May 18th - May 25th

East Campus: June 1st - Jun 7th

2026 (Projected)

City Campus: May 10th - May 16th

East Campus: May 31st - Jun 6th