Campus Energy Management Plan

Energy Management Plan

Our 2010 Campus Energy Management Plan sets forth a goal of reducing energy consumption in state funded buildings on city and east campuses by at least 15% within five years.

Several concurrent energy conservation strategies are recommended to meet the stated reduction goal. These encompass the functional areas of: existing buildings, new construction and renovations, utility plants, energy data collection and analysis, communication, energy project processes, and energy information systems.

In addition to the main goal of energy reduction, this plan will achieve several other objectives including:

  1. Reduction of energy costs, peak electric / gas loads and greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Improved communication with the campus community regarding energy usage and ongoing conservation efforts

The full text of the plan may be downloaded here.

The bar chart below shows annual campus utility plant energy consumption for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Utility Plant Energy Input.Energy Input to Utility Plants (click image to enlarge).

Campus Energy Statistics

  • UNL's annual energy expenditure for FY09-10 was $17.3M
  • The average annual energy density of a campus building is 144KBtu/Sq Ft
  • Between 2000 and 2009, energy consumption of state funded buildings was reduced by over 21% while building area increased by over 840,000 Sq Ft