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Maintenance Estimate Request

Request an estimate to:

  • Install or remove departmental equipment
    • Digital monitor or sign
    • Eye wash station
    • Window blinds/shades
    • Cabinets & furniture
    • Air compressor
    • Autoclave
  • Install electrical outlet or lighting
  • Install card access or security equipment
  • Re-key doors
  • Replace carpet or tile
  • Paint / patch walls

Request Maintenance Estimate

Construction, Code Review & Building Signage Estimate Request

Request an estimate to:

  • Change use of space (e.g., office to classroom)
  • Remodel or modify existing space or facility
  • Change, relocate, or effect doors or door openings
  • Change, relocate, or add walls
  • Change or reconfigure ceiling
  • Install full height office partitions
  • Add, install, or relocate building signage

Request Construction, Code Review & Building Signage Estimate

Information Technology Related

Visit links below to:

  • Install, remove, or modify data ports
  • Install, remove, or modify audio or video equipment

Request Service on Data Ports & Wiring

Request Assistance on Audiovisual Equipment

COVID-19 Related Request

Request services or products related to COVID-19.

Request COVID-19 Related Service / Estimate

Request Physical Distancing Space Assessment