1. Pruning of shrubs will be performed to retain their natural shape.
  2. Shrubs should be pruned to: A) maintain a desired size or shape; B) control traffic or allow pedestrian clearance; C) thinned in order to promote plant health. Complete renovation of shrubs should only take place after consulting the campus manager. Pruning should be performed as necessary, taking into consideration time of year, plant species, environmental conditions, and effect on flowering.
  3. Pest control should be done on an as needed basis.
  4. Weeding of shrub beds will be done to prevent minor infestations of weeds. The use of preemergence herbicides and spot spraying with post emergent herbicides should be considered when developing a management strategy.
  5. Shrubs will receive supplemental watering during the first year after planting.
  6. Hardwood mulch in shrub beds will be maintained at a minimum depth of 1 inch and a maximum depth of 4 inches.
  7. Caging of certain shrubs may be necessary to prevent pest damage.