Landscape Services uses a complete Pest Management strategy to deal with any pest affecting the plants we maintain.

  1. All permanent personnel are trained and licensed to apply pesticides of any type. No employee is allowed to apply pesticides unless licensed.

  2. We constantly monitor insects, diseases, weeds, etc., and only apply pesticides if necessary. We do many other control measures also, such as cultural practices, using resistant varieties of plants, biological control, mechanical control, rotating plants in certain beds, etc. In many situations certain levels of insects or diseases can be tolerated. We only apply chemicals when the health or life of the plant becomes endangered and other practices haven't been helpful in controlling the problem. We do not apply preventative chemicals, unless we have perennial problems with certain insects, diseases or weeds. Each situation is evaluated and the campus manager makes the final decision if pesticides are to be applied.

Less toxic chemicals come out every year and we constantly look for the least hazardous chemicals to use in each situation. All federal, state and local regulations are strictly followed when any pesticides are applied.