Facilities Service Desk

Facilities Service Desk  (402-472-1550 | servicedesk@unl.edu)

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 

The Facilities Service Desk is the central reporting agency where all facility related service requests are received. You should call your Building Maintenance Reporter who in turn calls the Facilities Service Desk to report any of the following issues. If you are unable to reach your BMR, feel free to call the Facilities Service Desk directly.

  1. Broken or malfunctioning building components such as windows, doors, ceiling tiles, sinks, toilets, light bulb replacment, etc.
  2. Malfunctioning heating or cooling systems.
  3. Custodial requirements for spills, waste disposal, emergency cleanups.
  4. General-purpose classroom needs including instructional equipment, closed circuit TV, and access to stored equipment, classroom fixtures, electrical service, room appearance, temperature control, room scheduling, and computing.

The Facilities Service Desk Representatives will forward your Work Order to the appropriate support services organization. As a BMR, please be prepared to give the Representative your name,  phone number, building name, and room number where the problem exists, as well as a brief description of the situation. Each Work Order is entered into a computer tracking system to help assure that you receive an appropriate response to your request.

Building Maintenance Reporter (BMR)

A network of Building Maintenance Reporters has been established to become the central point of contact for a building. Using the BMR for your building service needs will ensure that a Work Order is accurately reported and minimize duplicate reports. The BMR will report your needs to the Facilities Service Desk. You can locate your Building Maintenance Reporter here