Last Revised: July 2, 2001

It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to prohibit defacement of university property, including both interior and exterior surfaces. This includes prohibiting display of messages and symbols through use of chalk, paint and other permanent or temporary substances on sidewalks, plazas, windows, doors, walls, sculptures, benches and other surfaces. Free-standing temporary signs on green spaces are also prohibited.

The only designated area where chalking is permitted is the plaza area North of the Nebraska Union.

The General University Policy and Procedure for Student Organizations states the following:

"Sidewalk Advertising"

Recognized student organizations wishing to use NU sidewalks to advertise organization activities are to comply with the following guidelines:

Organizations are limited to advertising on the Nebraska Union Memorial Plaza. Please contact the Nebraska Union representatives at 472-2181 for plaza boundaries and regulations.

The event to be advertised must be an official organization activity and registered through the Event Planning and Registration process with the Student Involvement office.

The first step in gaining permission to use NU sidewalks for advertising is to stop in the Student Involvement office and register the advertising activity.

A sketch of how the advertising/announcement will appear on the sidewalk must be provided by the organization along with a list of materials to be used. The design must incorporate the student organization’s name or a clearly identifiable organization logo. All materials must be water soluble.

Organizations will be subject to cleanup charges for event advertising that appears in unauthorized areas.

Advertising may appear on sidewalks four (4) days prior to an activity. Organization members are encouraged to wash off advertising upon completion of the activity. Advertising can remain for three (3) days after an event. If advertising remains after 3 days the organization may be assessed clean-up charges by Landscape Services or Nebraska Unions.

Approval of sidewalk advertising will be granted on an individual case basis by the Director of the Nebraska Unions or the Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance and Landscape Services. If approval is denied, it is recommended that the administrator provide a brief written explanation to the student organization.

* Student Involvement, 200 Nebraska Union, 472-2454 or 300 Nebraska East Union, 472-1780

If chalking occurs outside this designated area, it will be removed as soon as possible.